Taipei, Tam Shui 淡水

My third trip to Taiwan! This time, I’m going to the northern coast of Taipei with my Sun! As I’m better in Chinese, I’m assigned the task of planning our itinerary! After much research on a forum and blogs, I have decided on the following:

Day 1 – 06 Sep 11 (Tues): Singapore–Taipei–Tam Shui 淡水

Day 2 – 07 Sep 11 (Wed): Jade Bay 翡翠灣–Jin Shan 金山–Shi Men 石門San Zhi 三芝–Tam Shui 淡水

Day 3 – 08 Sep 11 (Thurs): Ye Liu 野柳–Kee Lung Miao Kou 基隆庙口–Jin Gua Shi 金瓜石–Chiu Fen 九份

Day 4 – 09 Sep 11 (Fri): Chiu Fen 九份–Rui Fang 瑞芳–Tam Shui 淡水

Day 5 – 10 Sep 11 (Sat): Tam Shui 淡水–Taipei–Singapore

We did not go to all the places as planned as we stayed in Tam Shui the entire trip and relied on public transport (no cabs!).

The first day, we arrived at Taoyuan Airport (in Taipei) in the afternoon and took a bus (國光客運) to Yuanshan 圓山 MRT station. After we alighted, my Sun realized that he lost his wallet!! After much recalling, we came to the conclusion that the wallet dropped on the bus. He was a little upset as it was a birthday present from me less than 2 months ago. Fortunately, we kept our cash everywhere so we wouldn’t lose it in one setting. However, our spirits were clearly dampened as we continued our walk to the MRT station as the bus stop was a few hundred metres (i think) away from it. At the station, we called the credit card company to report loss of card. He seemed so disoriented after that. 😦

As I was hungry, we dragged our luggage to Shih Lin Night Market 士林夜市 one stop away. During our meal, the credit card company called me. Apparently, there is this kind soul from Singapore who picked up the wallet and informed the credit card company! Not only is he kind, he is intelligent too! After getting in touch with this kind soul, my Sun’s spirits lifted and I was happy again! Imagine starting your trip on a bad note! You might not really mind but it really irks you to the point that you do not enjoy anything as much.

After eating, we took the train and transferred to bus 紅26. I have no idea why they add a word in front of the bus number, all I know that this bus goes to many tourist attractions in Tam Shui so it is like a tourist shuttle bus that you pay NT$15 each time you board. We alighted at the library and checked into our suite 琪琪の部屋 and this is how our room looks like! We chose this suite because my Sun liked the blue~ Ain’t it pretty!

琪琪の部屋 (picture by Jacky Wu)

The original plan was to go to Tam Shui and take a ferry to the Fisherman’s Wharf 渔人码头 to see the sunset. However, the skies were already dark when we reached Yuanshan station so we just took the bus 紅26 there instead. I have been there before so I didn’t take any photos so I’m gonna post last year’s photos instead! =P

Tam Shui . Fisherman’s Wharf

After Fisherman’s Wharf, we headed to Tam Shui Traditional Street 淡水老街 for some fooding, shopping & shooting!

Tam Shui

This is how Tam Shui looked like last year.. this year, it looked very different.. more touristy.. cleaner.. more like Singapore actually.. lol~

Tam Shui . Traditional Street Snacks

The street looked almost the same as last year.. We finished walking down the entire street and headed back to our suite to rest!

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